We advertise our teaching vacancies on the TES website whilst all other vacancies will be advertised locally and also detailed below.

We are always interested in Good and Outstanding teachers who share the same values and beliefs and are committed to ensure that our young people are safe, happy and successful in school. If you are interested in a teaching role in the school then please contact us directly at ‘’.

It is my vision that the school is not only a great place for children to attend but also a great place for staff to work and to feel supported and empowered within their role. I expect high standards of professionalism and of course, we are all accountable for the education and support of our students… we expect to work hard but also, to ensure that we have a positive working environment. Staff are told that it is not a permission based culture it is a culture where we promote autonomy, master and purpose. I want our staff to feel valued and to have a sense of pride that they work at Winterton Community Academy.  

Colleagues are actively encouraged to prioritise their well-being and it is our belief that when we talk about putting children first, that also means, our own. Therefore staff are actively encouraged to attend the sports day / nativities etc. of their own children.

Each year, we conduct the Kirkland-Rowell survey. The key headlines of this survey can be seen below, giving you a sense of what our staff say it is like to work here.

Mr K Rowlands, Headteacher


Casual Exams Invigilator