Qualification:  BTEC TECH AWARD enterprise                          Exam Board:  Pearson EDEXCEL

Curriculum Intent

The intention of studying this subject at Key Stage 4 will complement GCSE study through providing an opportunity for practical application alongside conceptual study.  There are also strong opportunities for post-16 progression in this sector.  The fundamental knowledge and skills will be drawn upon and developed with a Business and Enterprise focus.  Students will study the design and make up of a range of Enterprises, linking to the current economy and the trends affecting it, giving them an insight into their potential future job prospects; together with the contemplation of their own entrepreneurial skills in creating, pitching and running their own enterprise.  A financial and marketing focus will inform students of current climates that they are already exposed to and allow them to undertake a range of research that will inform them of business usage and personal interpretations for the future.

The course will be taught and assessed using practical experiences such as role plays, educational visits, IT presentations group and individual work.

Currently all students MUST complete all components to complete the course.

Specific Component summary:

Component 1 Exploring Enterprise – Internally assessed.  This unit introduces you to the language and terminology used in business.  In this section you consider two local enterprises and the entrepreneurs running them.  You will explore, size, scale, mind set and skills of these and research into your chosen SMEs.

Component 2 – Planning for and running an Enterprise – Internally assessed.  This component considers how to plan, manage and review success of a micro enterprise; set up by you.  This will include skills audits, communication methods, financial records  and performance as discussed in a business plan.

Component 3 – Promotion and Finance for Enterprise – External assessment.  The final component really focuses on the running of the enterprise with particular focus on promotion, marketing and all aspects of finance.


The course is taught via 3 lessons per week.  The course is offered as an ‘option’ for a KS4 course meaning students will opt to study this in Year 9 ready for a Year 10 start, following a two year curriculum.

The subject components covered follow a set course starting with component 1 before completing component 2 and finishing with component 3 which is a holistic synoptic overview component.


The BTEC will be assessed as stated below.

The impact will be measured through a range of composite tasks including ongoing internal and external assessments with a large focus on the application of knowledge to the topics and real-life situations considered.  This will be paired with the following:

  • Formal knowledge tests (half term / termly)
  • Pearson Set Assignments (PSA) (Year 10 – Component 1 / Year 11 – Component 2) – Internal Assessment
  • Mock Exam results (Component 3)
  • Component 3 Exam – External Assessment
  • Student Voice activities
  • Monitoring of Learning and Teaching within lessons
  • Work scrutiny / Book Look
  • BTEC outcomes at KS4
If you would like further information regarding this course, please contact Mr Hodge