About Ofsted and Our Reports

We were last inspected in March 2016 and were graded 'Good'

Ofsted inspectors visited the school on Wednesday 9th March 2016 and have reaffirmed Winterton Community Academy to be a ‘Good’ School for the second time in succession.

Whilst the grade remains the same, Ofsted have raised the ‘bar’ significantly since our last inspection in November 2011 and I am sure we all recognise that we have also continued to make significant improvements in this time.

Within the letter from Ofsted (follow the link below) the inspection team recognised many things, which can be seen below. (Hover over the image to see the second quote

Ofsted Report Quote - March 2016

"The progress pupils make from their starting points in Year 7 to the time they leave has improved significantly over the past three years."

Ofsted Report Quote - March 2016

"Leaders, staff and the governing body share a vision and drive to ensure that the school in the best it can be so pupils achieve highly and are well prepared for their future lives."

Thank you to those parents who took the time to complete the Ofsted questionnaire, your support was very much appreciated. The students were a credit to you and the school during the inspection, as they are on a day to day basis.

It is very clear from the report that we know our school well and have an accurate and detailed understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development. A copy of the inspection report can be viewed below with a link to see all previous reports from the Ofsted website.

A thank you to all of the staff for the absolute commitment they show our students each day, for their energy and support. Also the guidance from the governors and the continued support from parents and carers is also greatly valued and appreciated.

The future of the Academy and for our students is extremely bright as we continue to work together. We have high expectations and are now well on our way to fulfilling our ambition to be an outstanding Academy.