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Ethos and Values

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of this Academy to ensure that all pupils maximise their potential to achieve personal success and fulfilment through the high quality provision of wide ranging learning opportunities in a challenging and caring environment. Pupils should also be treated with dignity, taught to treat each other with respect, feel safe, have a voice and be listened to.


It is our firm belief that the regard with which we are held by our parents and the community is significantly affected by the values we hold and operate as an organisation.

Principally, our key values are those which result in high quality learning for all our pupils. We firmly believe that learning takes place most effectively in an orderly and disciplined atmosphere but we also value informality when it promotes better relationships.

It is our firm belief that our pupils will maximise their opportunities at this school with the support and involvement of their parents.


We can only achieve the best for our pupils through the total commitment of a caring, and appropriately skilled staff. We have high expectations of our staff and we believe that in order for them to realise these expectations we must continually invest in their personal and professional development. We will strive to ensure that the high quality interpersonal relationships that exist between staff are based upon mutual respect, mutual accountability, courtesy, tolerance, fairness, humour and honesty.

We expect all our staff to act as positive role models for the high standard of behaviour we wish to develop in our pupils.


We have high expectations of all our students. We expect them to be disciplined and to show a conscientious commitment to hard work in order that they can capitalise on the learning opportunities provided. We expect every pupil to strive at all times to achieve the best of which he/she is capable. We expect them to be courteous, tolerant, respectful, honest and thoughtful towards others.


We attach great importance to the quality of the environment within which our pupils learn and our staff work. It should be safe, stimulating, clean and comfortable.


We will plan, structure and organise the curriculum to ensure equality of opportunity for all our pupils to be challenged and to achieve personal success and fulfilment. We will enhance the statutory curriculum with the provision of many other wide ranging opportunities for learning.


To provide educational opportunities and experiences for all students in the Academy irrespective of their gender, ability, special educational need, creed, ethnicity and social background.

1. To provide stimulating and challenging teaching and learning materials.

2. To set targets for pupils that are demanding and achievable.

3. To provide extension and support teaching and learning materials suitable for all ability levels.

4. To set high standards of discipline.

5. To create a school culture in which achievement in all its forms is valued.

6. To provide a stimulating environment for learning.

1. To help pupils to set ambitious personal targets.

2. To encourage pupils to welcome intellectual, physical and social challenges and apply themselves to tasks with enthusiasm.

3. To help pupils to develop self esteem and pride in their achievements and successes.

4. To encourage the parents and guardians of our pupils to participate in the education of their children by actively supporting the Academy’s mission and values.

5. To provide a variety of differentiated and challenging curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities for all our pupils.

6. To help pupils to develop high standards for their own discipline, commitment and achievements.

1. To create an academy culture in which continuous improvement of all that we do is the norm.

2. To continuously develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of all our staff in keeping with the requirements of our mission.

3. To provide a wide range of curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities.

4. To help pupils to acquire the communication skills, problem-solving skills and personal skills in addition to the basic mathematical, scientific and technological knowledge necessary for success and fulfilment in a rapidly changing world.

5. To help pupils to use language effectively and imaginatively in reading, writing and speaking.

6. To help pupils to develop effective listening skills.

7. To help pupils to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups, nations and the environment.

8. To help pupils to understand the multicultural nature of society to foster respect for those with different religions, beliefs and ways of life and to develop an attitude which is opposed to discrimination against any person or group on the grounds of socio-economic background, creed, ethnic origin or sex.

9. To help pupils to develop aesthetic awareness and to appreciate human achievements and aspirations.

10. To help pupils to develop healthy fit bodies with a wide range of physical skills.

1. To provide wide ranging opportunities for all pupils to achieve personal success.

2. To help pupils to develop the interests and skills necessary for the effective use of leisure time.

3. To ensure that the achievements and successes of pupils are continuously recognised and praised.

4. To create a school ethos where all staff are valued, motivated and committed to the Academy Mission.

1. To provide a clean, safe, comfortable and stimulating school environment.

2. To help pupils to develop a sense of self respect with the capacity to live independently as self motivated and disciplined adults as well as contributory and caring members of co-operative groups among which the family is the most important group.

3. To help pupils to develop the social skills needed for maintaining good relationships with both their peer and adults.

4. To create a school ethos where all staff are responsible for providing an efficient and effective service to their colleagues, the pupils, parents and all other school stakeholders.