Academy Curriculum

At Winterton Community Academy the aim is to provide a curriculum that enables each pupil to develop and be in a position to be a well-rounded individual who can make a positive contribution to society. The curriculum is planned and delivered with the aim of allowing all pupils, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability, the opportunity to achieve their best. This is done through a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3, preparing all pupils for meeting the requirements of the more focused curriculum at Key Stage 4 and the transition to the next stage of their education or training.

In order to achieve this, we believe that lessons should both be stimulating and challenging for all the pupils, allowing them the opportunity to develop key skills that are needed within the modern world. These include the ability to not only work independently, but also collaboratively with a creative and enquiring mind supported through resilience. At the same time there is an appreciation that all pupils are individuals, and that a differentiated and personalised approach is required in a supportive environment. As a consequence, the ability to overcome obstacles and find solutions will flourish.

For students making their option choices this year the following examination course are available;

G.C.S.E. Art                                                                                    B.T.E.C. Business Studies (Year 11)

G.C.S.E. Computer Science                                                           B.T.E.C. Enterprise (Years 9 & 10)

G.C.S.E. English Language                                                            B.T.E.C. Health & Social Care

G.C.S.E. English Literature                                                             B.T.E.C. Music

G.C.S.E. French                                                                              B.T.E.C. Travel & Tourism

G.C.S.E. Food                                                                                 O.C.R. National Sports Science

G.C.S.E. Geography                                                                        VCERT Engineering

G.C.S.E. German

G.C.S.E. History

G.C.S.E. Mathematics

G.C.S.E. Music

G.C.S.E. Physical Education

G.C.S.E. Science Trilogy

G.C.S.E. Separate Sciences

G.C.S.E. Textiles


Homework is an important element of study and creating independence and resilience. It also enables each individual to further enhance their understanding of the subject. Tasks will vary depending on the subject and Key Stage, but may include reading, writing, research, revision and project work.

All pupils are given a journal at the beginning of the school year and are expected to record their homework clearly in the journal. This is also used to help the pupils with their own organisation and to facilitate communication between the school and home.

Further Information Contact

If you would like to find out more about our Curriculum, please contact the school and speak to Mr R Featherstone, Deputy Headteacher i/c of the curriculum

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