Special Educational Needs Department

About the SEND

We provide every possible opportunity for each individual young person to be safe, happy and successful. We aim to offer excellence and choice to all young people. We have high expectations at Winterton Community Academy and we want the best possible outcomes for all students. A flexible approach is taken to meeting a student’s needs on an individual basis.

We believe in recognising all achievements, both academic and beyond, providing an inclusive learning environment which meets the needs of all our young people.

The HUB is situated outside of the main building and this is where the Nurture group is based. This provision has been set up to meet the needs of pupils who for a variety of reasons have been identified as struggling to function in the mainstream school. The purpose of this Nurture group is to provide an intensive supportive program for the pupil, which will lead to them being able to re-integrate into mainstream lessons.

We assess all year 7 and newcomers to ensure their needs are catered for. CAT testing and literacy levels are assessed using the GL Assessment program.  This is continually monitored throughout their time with us by all staff. Students also complete the PASS survey during their time in school; this enables us to gauge their wellbeing, happiness and opinions of themselves as learners, intervening where a need is identified. We provide appropriate curricular and extra-curricular provision and support, tailored to each young person’s needs. Our dedicated team are approachable, nurturing and apply their wealth of knowledge and experience to the whole range of special need issues, including;

  • Communication and interaction, including ASD and speech, language and communication needs
  • Cognition and learning, including dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia
  • Social, emotional and mental health, including ADHD
  • Sensory and /or physical including visual and hearing

The SEND and wider Inclusion teams provide a caring support network for our young people and their families. We adopt a positive approach, identifying strengths as well as difficulties and believe that the young person is central to the decision making that affects them. Our strength is in providing bespoke support programmes and intervention sessions as well as a Sanctuary for lunchtime. We work closely with a range of outside agencies, (ASET, SALT, HSS, OT, Visual Support Team, Hearing Impairment Service, Carer Support Service, Educational Psychology, Time Out Drum Therapy) providing further expertise to support our pupils.

Meet the Team

Miss Emma Forman – SENCO: “As Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator, I aim to ensure that as a school we provide the best possible support to aid the learning and development of all our students. This involves working with other staff, outside agencies and families. I am responsible for providing the information needed by classroom teachers in order to equip them to meet individual needs through quality first teaching.

I also endeavour to make the transition process between our feeder primary schools and further education colleges as smooth as possible for all our young people with SEND. I am passionate about working with young people and enabling them to overcome their difficulties and become confident, independent adults. I am also the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children. Please feel free to contact me either by telephone or email if there is anything you would like to discuss.”

Mrs Joanne Simpson – Learning Support Manager: “As Learning Support Manager, my role is to ensure that our students are supported appropriately and receive individualised provision to meet their additional learning needs. We offer a systematic approach based on thorough assessments and evaluation. We provide high quality literacy, numeracy and social and communication programmes to help each student reach their full potential; increasing their learning ability, confidence and self-esteem.

I am the lead teacher for the Nurture Group and I also teach individualised programmes to students with literacy difficulties and Dyslexia. I give advice and support to the students, staff and parents. Please feel free to contact me either by telephone or email if there is anything you would like to discuss.”

  • Mrs Dawn Bishop – Learning Mentor
  • Miss Lisa Windle – Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Sharron Sibson – Teaching Assistant

Arrangements to Support Students with SEND

The Children and Families Act require all local authorities and schools to publish information about their provision for children and young people from 0-25 who have special educational needs and disability (SEND) – a LOCAL OFFER. The SEND Local Offer in North Lincolnshire aims to provide you with the information you may need, or want to know, about resources, services, support, activities and events in our local area.