Exam Results


Results & Outcomes

Exam Results - Summer 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Class of 2018 left with a set of results they can be proud of.

Our results demonstrate that pupils attending Winterton Community Academy make expected progress and through a rigorous and academic curriculum we are proud that our performance in the EBACC standard demonstrated the 4th best outcomes in North Lincs.

Key Benchmark Figures

'The Basics' (including English at 5+ and Mathematics at 5+)
'The Basics' - 4+ for English and 4+ for Maths
4+ (A*-C) in English
4+ (A* - C) in Mathematics
Progress 8 - predicted
EBACC Standard

Academy Performance Table

To access the full school performance tables please follow the link below to the Department of Education’s website. Here you can access our results and compare them to any school in the country.

The links below will take you to the 2017 and previous year’s results. 2018 Results will be available when published.