Homework is essential in all subject areas to promote a deeper understanding, encourage research and further engage students in their learning.  

Homework takes place in the following format:  

Setting of Homework  

  • Homework is to be set in ALL subject areas for ALL year groups once a week, the duration of the homework will be between 30 – 45 minutes in order for high quality pieces to be completed. *subjects taught once a week (Art, Performing Arts, PSHE) may differ from this.  
  • Homework can be set in a number of different formats; completion of tasks, extension tasks, revision, preparation for the next lesson, practice/learning of key points, reading etc. This is to ensure that there is variety across all subject areas.  
  • Homework due dates are variable due to the length of the homework and the timetable. Upon the setting of homework students will be informed of the due date and are expected to record this in their journals.  
  • Homework will be submitted electronically or collected in and marked by the teacher, if homework is not completed it is recorded in the journal and a text is sent home.