Homework is an important element of study and creating independence and resilience.  It also enables each individual to further enhance their understanding of the subject.  Tasks will vary depending of the subject and Key Stage, but may include reading, writing, research, revision and project work.

All pupils are given a homework planner at the beginning of the school year and are expected to record their homework clearly in the planner.  This is also used to help the pupils with their own organisation and to facilitate communication between the school and home.

In addition, we have the ‘Student Portal’ through our MIS system, Bromcom.  This enables staff to set homework and provide resources to support the completion of the tasks.  Guidance on how to use the ‘Student Portal’, whether it be through the app or via a desktop, can be found below.

The ‘My Child At School’ app supports this process, enabling parents / carers to view what homework has been set and whether it has been completed, amongst a number of other important functions.

How can I use the ‘Student Portal’ to support my homework?

  1. It compiles all homework and quizzes set digitally by teachers into one place. Homework and quizzes can be submitted and feedback reviewed from here.
  2. Like a digital homework diary, it keeps students organised and aware of any homework and quizzes set.
  3. Due dates, submitted homework and late homework are presented to the student.
  4. Scores and marks are recorded digitally
  5. The student can view historical homework and submissions.
  6. Students can reinforce their learning by taking self-marking quizzes set by teachers as a learning resource.
  7. Various question types are supported for a varied and flexible learning experience.
  8. Analyse quizzes and homework in the MIS, ensuring homework policies are met.