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All businesses need enterprising employees to drive their organisations forward, to have ideas and initiatives to instigate growth, and to ensure that businesses survive in this fast-changing world.  Enterprise is a key government focus and is set to form an important part of the UK’s global economic status, both now and in the future.  Enterprise skills provide a fantastic progression pathway into several roles in an organisation and are transferable into all businesses.

The intention of studying this subject at Key Stage 4 will complement GCSE study through providing an opportunity for practical application alongside conceptual study.  There are also strong opportunities for post-16 progression in this sector.  The fundamental knowledge and skills component will be drawn upon and developed with a Business and Enterprise focus. 

Students will study the design and make up of a range of Enterprises, the current economy and the trends affecting it, giving them an insight into their potential future job prospects; together with the contemplation of their own entrepreneurial skills in creating, pitching and running their own enterprise.  A financial and marketing focus will inform students of current climates that they are already exposed to and allow them to undertake a range of research that will inform them of business usage and personal interpretations for the future.

The impact will be measured through a range of composite tasks including ongoing internal and external assessments with a large focus on the application of knowledge to the topics and real-life situations considered.  The students will also be able to be involved in a whole school business venture should they choose to.

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