Curriculum Intent

The Science department at Winterton Community Academy have designed our curriculum to meet the needs of your child by making connections to what they have been taught in their primary setting. Our aim is to develop scientific knowledge and understanding of concepts and procedures needed to work scientifically throughout their lives. In a world where misconceptions and mistruths are so accessible through social media it is ever more important that our students are equipped with the skills to critically analyse the information and form their own opinions. 

The intention is that regardless of whether your child chooses to study A ‘levels, vocational studies, or take an apprenticeship they will have a positive learning experience. We want every child to develop a passion for science so we have adjusted our curriculum to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn about medical applications of science, forensic techniques and space exploration to engage them and make them aware of the array of exciting careers in this subject. 

We want every child to be able to have a better understanding of the uses and implications of science, today and for the future so that they can be Safe, Happy and Successful. We work closely with the maths’ department to find opportunities to complement their Mathematics curriculum by applying the same skills that have learned in maths to a scientific context. Learning pathways take into consideration the ability and required pace of individuals to access the subject so some students will not be required to study the higher tier content in timetabled lessons. However, we share your aspirations for your child and are very happy to make this content available on request.