At Winterton Community Academy everyone is expected to behave in a considerate and disciplined manner to ensure that all pupils are able to maximise their potential and achieve personal success and fulfillment.

What is Bullying?

We define bullying as the wilful act of intimidating, hurting, threatening or frightening someone else where there is little or no provocation or resistance from the victim. Bullying can be Emotional/Verbal/Physical/Racist/Sexual/Homophobic or Cyber.

Teachers will exercise a professional judgement on each individual case in relation to this definition.

Bullying is unpleasant, but does happen in all Schools from time to time. However, by parents and the School working together most problems can be resolved.

What is the Academy's position on Bullying?

Winterton Community Academy does not tolerate bullying. The School has a Code of Conduct which makes clear the expectation that all pupils will be respectful and tolerant of others.

The School tries to prevent bullying in the first place, but when it does occur we aim to deal with situations quickly and sensitively. Pupils are encouraged to report their concerns about bullying. All staff are aware of the School’s Anti-Bullying Policy and will listen to and help all pupils who approach them.

The School has a variety of approaches for dealing with bullying depending on the circumstances.

Anti-Bullying Booklet

You can view more information about anti-bullying at Winterton Community Academy in the booklet below.