Vision & Priorities


Vision Statement

Our Aspirations

1. feel safe, happy and valued

2. enjoy learning and making significant progress across all of their subjects throughout their time here

3. benefit from a rich and balanced curriculum and advice and guidance that precisely meets their needs

4. demonstrate high standards of behaviour, showing respect for their peers and staff at all times

5. learn to be resilient and open to challenges to help them develop as young people

6. be fully prepared for life beyond Winterton Community Academy

1. be happy at work, feel valued and proud to be part of our success and the success of our students

2. be supported in achieving their goals and those of their students

1. be proud of the Academy and happy to be part of its success and the success of its students

Strategic Indicators to Meet our Vision

1. Attainment levels in all subjects to be significantly above national averages and better than that in similar schools

2. Progress in Mathematics and English is significantly above national averages

3. Progress for all groups of learners is significantly above national averages

4. Progress in all other subjects is significantly above national averages

Evidence: In House and National progress and attainment data

1. Levels of student attendance to be consistently high

2. Students’ behaviour is excellent; they treat others with respect and courtesy and are tolerant of difference and diversity in others

3. Low levels of student exclusion

4. Student surveys to always be overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of academy life

5. Student suggestions and concerns are dealt with swiftly and appropriately; all students are happy/content with the final outcomes

6. Students successfully transfer from the academy into their chosen post 16 destination

Evidence: Attendance and behaviour statistics; In House Surveys and Student Voice activities; Post 16 destinations; NEET statistics; Post 18 destinations

1. All parents are engaged with the academy through parents’ evenings, progress meetings and academy events

2. Parental surveys consistently demonstrate overwhelmingly positive responses about all aspects of Academy life

3. Parental suggestions and concerns are always dealt with swiftly and appropriately; all parents are content/happy with the final outcomes

Evidence: Parental engagement statistics; In House and National Surveys; follow up to complaints, concerns and suggestions

Whilst these will vary year on year the underlying principles remain the same. Through forensic self-assessment and thorough engagement with all of our stakeholders we clearly identify the areas that need further development and formulate key actions to achieve our goals.

Priority 1: Improve the outcomes for all students

Priority 2: Improve the quality of teaching and learning

Priority 3: Enhance the culture of the school at all levels, promoting positive attitudes to learning and the social development for all students

Priority 4: Further develop leadership at all levels including governance