The travel and tourism sector is the UK’s third-largest employer, accounting for 9.5 per cent of total employment.  Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK in employment terms, employing nearly 3 million people, and the value of tourism to the UK economy is approximately £121 billion (7.1 per cent) of UK GDP.  In 2016, travel and tourism contributed 10.2 per cent of the world GDP, and the sector now supports 292 million people in employment – that’s one in ten jobs worldwide.  The World Travel and Tourism Council’s latest annual research shows travel and tourism’s contribution to world GDP outpaced the global economy for the sixth consecutive year in 2016, rising to a total of 10.2 per cent of world GDP (US $7.6 trillion).  The outlook for the travel and tourism sector in 2018 remains robust and it will continue to be at the forefront of wealth and employment creation in the global economy in 2019.

The intention of studying this subject at Key Stage 4 is to draw on the knowledge and skills acquired from earlier key stages where relevant.  When studying for a ‘BTEC’, learners can use the knowledge and skills components from GCSE’s too, giving them the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to everyday and work contexts focusing on the world of travel and tourism including accommodation, tourism development and promotion, transport and visitor attractions.

Students will investigate the importance of the travel and tourism sector to the UK, and investigate different types of customer and UK destinations whilst also considering international travel and tourism.

The impact will be measured through a range of composite tasks including research, report drafting and writing skills and project management through internal and external assessment.

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