Personal, Social, Health and Economic

In our School this subject in the curriculum focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep children and young people healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work.

PSHE education is defined by the schools inspectorate Ofsted as a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities.  Its goal is to equip young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly.

At Winterton Community Academy we believe that PSHE education is

“An important and necessary part of all pupils education”

PSHE learning is shown to not only support pupils health, relationships and well-being but also their academic attainment.

We believe that PSHE education provision provides a range of positive outcomes, including improved attitudes to health, being able to deal with personal difficulties and improved behaviour in and out of the classroom.

The PHSE education programme of study is organised into three core themes.

1.  Health and wellbeing

2.  Relationships

3.  Living in the wider world (covering economic well-being and careers)

These themes include various topics related to physical and mental health, alcohol and drug education, relationships (and sex) education, economic well-being and careers.

Year 7 and 8 will be taught by teachers in a formal classroom situation.

Year 7 will specifically learn about:

Their new School, new school rules.  Understand why it is important to have their say, to be able to debate in a controlled manner, understand and explain what the difference is in being a good citizen.  Understand what it is like to live in multicultural Britain.  Understand the nature of friendships and relationships, Health and Safety and Money and Crime.

 Year 8 will specifically learn about:


Being smart online, use of social media and networking, online grooming and how we can recognise the warning signs, British Values, peer pressure, self-esteem, friendship issues, human rights, your body, soul and mind, addiction and the Government.

Year 9, 10, and 11 pupils will be taught by external providers alongside the school staff in the form of drop down days.

These pupils will specifically learn about Mental Health and Well-being, being British and what British values stand for.  First Aid provided by the Emergency Services.  Life Skills – restart a Heart.  

RSE – Relationships Sex Education and Exploitation will be addressed by a local company called Big Talk (who are known both locally and nationally and have won many awards for their outstanding work in this field) Big Talk provide workshops and give pupils their expertise and knowledge in formal and informal discussions and presentations.

Careers advice is frequently given from the local colleges and Fiona Fisk who is our external provider who will offer impartial advice to all pupils in school every Friday.  The local colleges in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas will be attending regular sessions every week which include John Leggott College, North Lindsey College, Wyke Sixth Form College and the Grimsby Institute.  We offer many assemblies on careers and apprenticeships and this year we are hosting a North Lindsey College Roadshow.

Winterton Community Academy Careers Convention in on Thursday 31st October 2019 where we have the pleasure of accommodating careers personnel from a wide range of Colleges, Institutions, Universities, Armed forces, Local Businesses, British Steel, BAE, and we invite ex pupils to discuss their application processes, entry requirements and experiences.

Winterton Community Academy offer taster visits to our local colleges and this year we intend to operate an application afternoon which will help pupils in Year 11 apply to colleges, fill out an application form and give advice to help write a personal statement and C.V.

PSHE Department Curriculum Overview



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Half Term 1



Mental Health and Well being

Half Term 2


Human Rights

North Lindsey college Roadshow

Half Term 3


Your Mind

Being British and British Values

Personal Statements / C.V Writing

Half Term 4


British Values


First Aid / Restart your Heart


Application Afternoon

Half Term 5




Relationship and Sex Education

Half Term 6


The Government

University Visits

College Taster Days



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