Our overriding aim is to foster and interest and appreciation in music amongst all students, regardless of previous musical experience.

Music is an aural and creative art and all activities within KS3 and KS4 involve a high level of student participation.  The curriculum is designed around the staple areas of Composing, Performing, and Listening and Appraising which can encompass all levels of attainment.  All activities are designed to promote independent, critical and creative thinking.

The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to:

  • control sounds made by the voice and a wide range of instruments (keyboards, guitars, ukuleles and percussion), developing individual skills and musical expression
  • rehearse and perform with others, furthering ensemble skills
  • compose in response to a variety of stimuli, creating, developing and extending musical ideas by selecting and combining resources within musical structures, style, genres and traditions
  • communicate musical ideas to others, recording compositional work using various means of notation
  • listen to a wide range of music from different eras and various cultures, developing historical and cultural awareness
  • respond to and evaluate live performances and recorded music, including their own and others compositions and performances
The schemes of work at KS3 give students a general overview of the disciplines which will be developed in greater depth at KS4.

A wide range of opportunities are available for instrumentalists and singers through participation in the extra-curricular music programme. 

Music Department Curriculum Overview



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Half Term 1

Bridging Unit A


Film Music: Performing skills


a. The Blues

b. Cover versions


Riffs & Loops


Unit 5: Introducing Performing


Half Term 2

Bridging Unit B


Film Music: Composing skills


a. Melody writing

b. Ground bass/riffs


Rhythm, Metre & Dance

Unit 5: Introducing Performing


Half Term 3

Music from West Africa




Music for Special Events: Fanfares




Unit 2: Management of a Product


Half Term 4

Gamelan Music


Theme & Variations



Music for Adverts




Unit 2: Management of a Product


Half Term 5

Beating Time




Programme Music


Free Composition: Development


Unit 2: Management of a Product


Half Term 6

Mediaeval Music


Indian Music




Free Composition: Development



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